Start or expand your Rental fleet, what do we offer.!

  • Rental Consignment - For an agreed period. ZapScooters Netherlands remains the owner of all products delivered to Consigne. All the products supplied by ZapScooters Netherlands on rental consignment basis are only to be used as a rental product for its own park visitors.
  • No investment and No hidden cost - View all the disadvantages at our Home page that you will encounter by doing your own purchase. As soon as you accept our offer, you bypass all high costs and annoyances to be incurred.
  • AfterPay - We apply an after pay for every registration, which means that the rental consignment costs will only be collected after every month. Example: As soon as we place our speedTrikes, you can rent it out immediately, without any costs .., we will send the invoice after every month. We do this not to burden you with costs, so we give you the chance to first collect your rental income.
  • 24/7 Service - We see supplying of our SpeedTrikes as the starting point for a positive cooperation. We want to prevent one thing, that the rental suddenly stops in your house due to malfunction or breakage. To prevent this, we are available 24/7 to repair- replace a SpeedTrike, so that the rental for you can continue as usual, we do not charge any costs for this.
  • A solution - NOT just a rental solution but a complete package that handles all rental processes, service and support needed to grow your rental business.

if you are interested in our offer, send us an email, this can be done via our Contact page.