Start or expand your own SpeedTrike business today.!

Feel your adrenalin pumping as you race around the track and find out if you’re a pro at controlling the unique drifting rear wheels.

Estimated income calculated based on rental & duration, 8 hours working day and 7 days a week.

We keep the Rental price low, the Worldwide prices are a bit higher as you might know.!

X800 Drift Trikes          1x                5x            10x

Per 1/2 Hour              30€            150€         300€

Per 1 Hour                 60€            300€         600€

Per 8 Hours              480€        2.400€      4.800€

Per 7 days             3.360€      16.800€    33.600€

We can continue with this calculation, but we leave it up to you.! So do the math..



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