Start or expand your own SpeedTrike business today.!

Drifting nowadays has gained a large amount of popularity, however, most of us can only participate in this sport only by watching. ZapScooters Netherlands gives everyone a chance to enjoy drifting without having any previous experience. Our X800 Drift Trikes are not compared to go-karts, after your first ride you will understand that riding our X800 Drift Trikes is something quite different. Over the past year, we have worked extensively to improve and designed a Drifter in a way that allows it to always be on the track. We create and introduce the X800 Drift Trike, a unique rental product for existing indoor and outdoor go-kart tracks located throughout Europe.To add X800 Drift Trikes in your assortment, will trigger a positive response from both the clientele and your company results.

Due to co2 pollution, alternative fuels are no longer an option, electricity is the answer.!

In comparison to gasoline guzzling rental gokarts, the electricity costs of the X800 Drift Trikes are close to zero. Keeping in mind that electricity is much cheaper than petrol, an hour-long ride with a X800 Drift Trike will cost you significantly less than the same ride with a four-stroke engine powered gokart, for example. In addition to that, the X800 Drift Trikes don’t emit any exhaust gas and don’t create almost any noise, therefore not creating restrictions on the location of the tracks, they could be set up even in say shopping centres and playgrounds!

Choose the right rental Drift Trikes for your track.!

If you want to purchase Drift Trikes yourself, you should probably be that what you think.!

  • Purchase,transport, VAT, import duties and delivery
  • Waiting time
  • Safety adjustments
  • Risk of transport damage
  • 30-minute run time with a 6 hour charging time
  • The months long wait for components and replacement parts
  • The “drift sleeves” must be changed
  • The battery's must be replaced
  • The front hub motor tyre is broken
  • Mechanics cost
  • Maintenance
  • No rental, high cost and no profit, only loss

Still thinking that purchasing Drift Trikes yourself is cheaper.! Always be on the track because time is money!

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